Santa Cruz hit / run car found

The California Highway Patrol has found the vehicle involved in last Wednesday hit and run that killed cyclist Zachary Parke on Empire Grade Road near the UC Santa Cruz campus.

Because of extensive media coverage of Parke’s death, CHP received numerous tips for their investigation and located the burgundy Nissan. CHP says they expect to make an arrest after they locate the driver. No further information is available while they locate the suspected driver.

Parke was riding his bicycle home early last Wednesday morning when he was hit from behind and killed on Empire Grade Road. From debris left at the crash site, investigators believed a red Nissan or Infiniti was involved and asked the community to be on the lookout for this type of vehicle with a missing side mirror and front end damage.

A memorial bike ride for Zachary Parke is scheduled for this Saturday night, June 18, 5 PM at the clock tower in Santa Cruz.

In other news, Gerardo Davis hit a motorcyclist in Austin, Texas and drove away from the scene of the collision, leaving the injured motorcycle rider on the side of the road. When police caught and questioned Davis, he believed it was okay to leave the scene because “he thought he struck a bicyclist.” More at KXAN: Arrest made in hit-and-run bike crash. H/T Salvagetti Bicycle Workshop.


  1. it’s sad to see someone throw there life away but doing a hit and run….
    Not that i think theres any excuse for hit and run but  it means 2 lives are lost due to the Crash.

  2. This is very very very disturbing ===> Davis, he believed it was okay to leave the scene because “he thought he struck a bicyclist.” – seriously WTF is wrong with people?

  3. Sounds a lot like, “I didn’t know I had to stop, I thought he was black.”

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