Santa Cruz Wildcat

Update: Santa Cruz Wildcat 2011 photos here.

The Santa Cruz Wildcat bike race is not your average alleycat race. There are mountains to climb, rivers to ford, sandy singletrack to bomb down, redwood trees to avoid, rock gardens to navigate and beaches to run across, so something sturdy and fast with gears is a Really Good Idea. Cyclocross bike is the best choice if you’ve got one. I foolishly tried this on a fixed gear bike a few years ago and nearly died.

Registration begins at 11 AM, Saturday July 23 at the Bike Church in Santa Cruz, CA.

wildcat 2011

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  1. People who joined this should be physically fit and have enough practice and rest before the race this Saturday. Please tell us more about it after the race and what is the result and who won. Thank you! I will keep in touch on these.

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