Brown vetoes SB 582

California Governor Jerry Brown vetoed SB 582, the bill that authorizes transportation planning districts to mandate commute benefits that encourage transit, vanpools and bicycling to work.

In his veto statement, Brown wrote that rejected this bill because of the new mandate on small businesses at a time of economic uncertainty. “City and county governments already can mandate programs of this type,” he wrote, “and some already have.”

After nearly universal support for SB 582 among Republicans and Democratic legislators, industry and anti-tax groups called in some political favors to get their GOP allies to oppose the bill. Governor Brown apparently got the message from these lobbyists as well. The opposition from anti-tax groups seems especially odd to me since employers and employees who participate in these programs have a lower tax burden.

I’m personally disappointed. I didn’t think to send a letter to the Governor’s office in support of SB 582 — I assumed, wrongly, that he would have signed.

More at Streetsblog LA.


  1. What a moron.  There were almost enough votes in both houses to override this veto, so maybe that can still be done.  If Governor Brown has decided to shill for industry money, I suggest citizens withhold donations to his future campaigns.

  2. Jerry Brown a shill for business? That sounds like a theory that’d need a lot more evidence than a blog post, even from one of my favorite blogs and even though I agree with the principal author most of the time.

  3. Where was this theory put out as such?  Not on this blog post.  Ironic to speak of shills.

    I agree – it’s disappointing and inconsistent.

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