Seasonal Commuting

Summer is finally here (well, has been for a few weeks now). It was an unusually cold and bitter winter, not so much with the snow, but just darn cold and icy. It doesn’t seem that long ago when it seemed summer would never come. Being a commuter, I am finely tuned to the weather and noticing when the seasons change here in Colorado. For the past three years or so, we have have skipped right over spring and entered directly into summer. After a while, one can dial in their apparel needs down to a couple of degrees  in range. Is it a bootie day? Neoprene or fleece-lined? Big soccer-goalie gloves or liners and long finger cycling gloves? Bar Mitts (awesome)?

For my cycling brethren back in Cali, you probably have a lot more room in your closet as bib-tights and jackets do not consume the space – who knows, maybe you have more jerseys or shoes?

Lately, we’ve been in the 90’s on a consistent basis, and with 330 days of sun per year and 6,000+ feet above sea level, one must wear protection. I am a fan of tattoos, and have many which are not easily covered. The SPF 50 is in abundant supply, but what a mess it is once you’re done applying the goo to your ‘ttoo.

There has to be a better way (said with goofy Infomercial sincerity)!

I had considered arm warmers in the past, but here’s a product that even you guys in warmer climes can use – Pearl Izumi’s Sun Sleeves. I got them for the SPF 50+ protection, but they are made to wick like no jersey I have ever worn. Ink is covered, arms are cool, and you feel a little like a super hero with your skin-tight sleeves. Definitely worthy of a try for that price (thanks to my pals at eBike Stop for the price match!).

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