Sergey Brin rides an Elliptigo

Sergey Brin, the billionaire co-founder of Google, rides a rolling elliptical exercise machine.

Three or four years ago, I began to see a guy with a big goofy grins riding a huge, outdoor rolling elliptical trainer up and down Ringwood Avenue in Menlo Park. This was Bryan Pate, creator of the ElliptiGO.


Bryan Pate lives in Atherton, CA off of Ringwood Avenue, which just happens to be the street I’ve commuted down since 2006. Bryan love of running long distances destroyed his knees. He’s hooked on fitness, but never could handle bike saddles, so he constrained himself to indoor elliptical machines for while. His ElliptiGO combines the benefits of elliptical exercise machines with the pure enjoyment of the rolling outdoors.

Robert Scoble was interviewing Sergey Brin and saw a blue ElliptiGO in Brin’s office. I’m not a big fan of these machines, but Byron says he has a soft spot in his heart for them.


  1. We had a lady break the record for distance on one of those thingies at GITAP last year, and she had us trying it out.  FAIL 🙂   I didn’t fall off, but all could understand why I’d kept my helmet on…

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