SF Bay Area bike share moving forward

The San Francisco Metropolitan Transportation Commission Regional Bicyle Share Program may finally launch “next year.” Which is what they said last year. And the year before that as well. A planned “bike share” in San Francisco and various Peninsula cities have been in the works for “next year” since at least 2007. But this time they’re serious about it. Really.

San Mateo County voted on August 9 to join the proposed regional program, which the Bay Area Air Quality Management District will run with a $4 million grant from MTC.

This planned peninsula participation will add to the planned 500 bikes at 50 kiosks around San Francisco’s downtown core. Another 500 bikes will be spread along the Caltrain corridor along the Peninsula and into the South Bay to San Jose so people can ride bikes to the office.

Downtown bike share looks good, and Carlos at SVBC thinks downtown San Jose would be wonderful with bike share. However — and I and others mentioned this before — the Caltrain bike share is likely a recipe for failure.

More –> Almanac Journal: County joins bike-share pilot program / Pilot program may start in summer of 2012

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