Sign of the Bike

Birota — the Bicycle Constellation. Visible from the Northern and Southern Hemisphere year round, though more prominent during warmer months in all locations.

People born under the sign of the bicycle tend to be intelligent, loving, responsible, creative, healthy, confident, strong, dextrous and independent.

Today’s Veloscope: It’s a good day to ride your bike. Maybe things aren’t going your way today, so ride your bike to improve your mood. Some of you are having a great day, which is a perfect reason to ride. You have more power than you realize — surprise yourself and see how much you can push yourself.

Sign of the Bike


  1. I was definitely born under the sign of the bike! Of course, this gives rise to questions about how those early stargazers (well before bicycles were invented) would have come up with Birota. Maybe it just shows how forward thinking they really were?

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