Skateboard pannier

Bike to the skatepark with this clever skateboard pannier from Fairdale Bikes in Austin, TX.

Fairdale Skateboard Pannier

This pannier hooks onto a standard bike rack just like any other pannier does. Velcro straps hold the board secure while you roll. MSRP $41.95 and available now from local skate, BMX or bike shop. More –> Fairdale Bikes Skaterack.

BMX pro Taj Mihelich was inspired to start Fairdale Bikes because friends kept asking what kind of bike they should get for riding around town. “The simplicity of a bicycle is actually the magic of it,” he says, so he sells your basic double butted chromoly steel road frame with 120mm rear hub spacing, horizontal dropouts, rack / fender mounts front and rear, water bottle mounts, and tire clearance for up to 35mm tires.


  1. Rar, I interviewed a skateboarder for an article on Grid Chicago, but I didn’t get his contact information, just his name. I want to ask him what he thinks about this (his main mode of transportation is a bicycle). 

  2. Howdy Richard–

    I hope he sells plenty, because I love to see grassroots success from skate/bike entrepeneurs.  Still, as far as I’m concerned, it’s an answer to a question no one asked.  Carrying a board on a bike is already pretty easy.  I use my Lone Peak grocery bags.  The board drops right in, and I loop a short bungee from the rack up over one of the trucks to keep it from bouncing around.  It also has room for my pads and helmet, which the AARP assures me are necessary for skaters my age.

    Happy Trails,
    Ron Georg

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