Happy Hump Day, everybody, and thank you for your comments over the past several days regarding my family in Japan. They mean a lot to me.

Daylight Savings Time means photos of cyclists riding by as I wait for my evening bus in front of San Jose State University.

City cyclist San Jose

Spring Cleaning

Mark Blacknell publishes his spring cleaning tips for seasonal cyclists. It’s good for year round cyclists to clean up your bikes as well.

Spring bike commute tips from Julie aka “Ride Boldly.”

Sue rides her bike to a funeral.

Bike Denver bike share opens for 2011.

Rosscott mocks fixed gear bikes.

Social rides and helmet requirements.

Mike Vandeman Trial

Peter Frick-Wright is covering Mike Vandeman’s trial in Oakland. A mistrial was pronounced last February when a prosecution witness apparently blurted out some things he was instructed not to say. The local attorney decided to press forward again. Peter covers jury selection, victim testimony, a little bit of behind the scenes, and Vandeman’s testimony. Peter’s also live tweeting bits and pieces of the trial.

Australian politician commutes by bike

Australian New South Wales incumbent premier Kristina Keneally rides her bike to work.

With a handlebar-mounted Blackberry connected by bluetooth to her earpiece, she took a call from the Roads Minister, Michael Daley, as she wound her way into town. Heavy breathing on the hillier sections was not a problem with the phone, she said.

In traffic, faced with the challenge of cutting across three lanes of traffic, the advantages of being Premier become instantly clear.

On a bike riding behind her was ”Paul”, the beefy NSW policeman who provides protection. A specialist in don’t-argue hand signals and stay-where- you-are stares, he can stop any car from getting too close, ensuring the Premier gets to work looking as relaxed as she did at the start of the ride.

Does anybody remember this other bike riding Australian?

Nicole Kidman BMX Bandits

Darryl at Loving the Bike notes Spring is the way while talking with somebody from Montana about winter cycling.

Singletracks rejoices for Daylight Savings Time.

Rate My Velo <-- photos of people on bikes. Finally, Kent reviews a couple of new lights from Cateye.


  1. Hey Richard, thanks for linking to our #ridethroughwinter post. Have I congratulated you yet on your placing in London Cyclists’ top 50 cycling sites? Good job.


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