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Many people blame political intrangience for today’s stock market plunge. That’s part of it, but there’s a deeper reality. Our nation’s fiscal priorities couldn’t be more completely hosed, but resource limitations are the fundamental basis of our economic dreariness over the past five years.



A five minute video highlights some of the factors behind Richard Heinberg’s End of Growth thesis.



This video crams a lot into five minutes, but you can only convey so much info in that time. Many issues and nuances are left out. You can find them addressed in much more detail in Heinberg’s book The End of Growth: Adapting to Our New Economic Reality.

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  1. At the ribbon cutting for Chicago’s first on-street bike parking corral, new CDOT commissioner, Gabe Klein, mentioned to the crowd of 40 ‘that while he’s a social liberal he’s fiscally conservative, and bicycle projects like racks and lanes provide maximum bang for the transportation buck. “Studies have shown that having bike facilities in front of your business can increase business by double digits,” he said and promised we’ll be seeing more on-street corrals around the city soon.’

    Read the full article.Not all fellow, self-identified, fiscal conservatives agree. 

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