Tacks on the road

Some dirtbag in Virginia Beach, VA is scattering thumbtacks on the road along popular cycling routes.

Thumbtacks scattered along a bicycle route in the rural Pungo area jeopardized more than 200 cyclists, flattened at least 100 tires and caused crashes that hurt at least two riders this past weekend.

Kenley and others said they believe the Pungo thumbtacks were scattered on purpose to upset the cyclists. Cars sometimes back up behind slower-moving bicycles and have to wait to pass on narrow lanes. While thumbtacks are too short to puncture car tires, they can pierce bike tires, stopping cycles suddenly and sending riders flying.

More in the Hampton Roads Pilot: Strewn thumbtacks create chaos for cyclists. H/T “Bix Wilson”

On the San Francisco Peninsula, local millionaire David Katz tried to harass cyclists semi-legally with an attempted $96,000 bribe gift to the San Mateo County Sheriff to “equip” them to chase down Woodside Road and Coast Highway cyclists. Katz, sadly, committed suicide last Tuesday afternoon by stepping in front of a northbound Caltain in Burlingame.


  1. Thumbtacks are too short to puncture automobile tires, but roofing nails will do the job nicely.

  2. On the same weekend in Knott’s Island just south of the Pungo area of Va Beach, I had stopped at the Knott’s Island Market and by habit locked my bike.  I walked out with a Power Aide and it dawned on me that my lock key was about 6 miles back at my campsite.  Without my asking, Beverly who owns the market gave me a ride back to my campsite where I retireved my key then returned me to my bike.  I just wanted to make it known that there are some bike friendly people amoungst the tack throwers.

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