Take a Seat

I don’t watch much tube. but I do watch Universal Sports for the bike racing. I try to avoid any ‘reality’ TV (not bein’ a hater, it’s just not me), but I had to make an exception for Dom Gill’s Take a Seat.

If you’ve ever been on a ride that challenged you mentally and physically, and in the end made you feel like you were capable of anything, then prepare to be humbled. I raced mountain bikes. I’ve solo cycle-toured through eighteen states and four provinces north of the U.S. border. I’ve accomplished much on two wheels, and I know what I can do on a bike. Dom is my new hero, and I am happily humbled.

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  1. You’re absolutely right. Dom is amazing and the accomplishments of his passengers are epic. It shows what people with disabilities are capable of if they receive some guidance and patience.

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