Friday’s ride home featured a goathead thorn puncture, through a Mr. Tuffy, and the discovery that the porta-pump was inop. Thanks to the dude out for a leisure ride and loaning me some air. Got home and drove right down to Performance for a new Hurricane pack pump (I’ve had one of these before, and they work well).

Hope you all had a flat-free weekend.


  1. According to Performance, that pump is for MTB tires.  What did you use it on?  I doubt I should be using it for road my tires – about 105psi?

  2. It is indeed a MTB pump, but that has to be only for marketing (I don’t know why?) A pump is a pump, and this one has gauge, which I like. My bikes have Conti City Contact (85 psi), Michelin Dynamic (115 psi) and Vittoria Zaffiro Pros (145 psi). My uses for a pack pump are only to get enough air in the tire to get home, and this gets me to 85 without much effort. Also Presta/Schraeder compatible. I wouldn’t want to try and get pas 100 psi with anything but a floor pump 🙂

  3. Got a nice slow leak sometime during Saturday’s ride, so I didn’t find out about it until Sunday morning when I was getting ready to ride.

  4. I love my Road Morph — we had a flat on our group ride two weeks ago and it did the job nicely.  This ride we had a tire Make A Funny Pfffty Noise — and not go flat.  However, it was a Bontrager Hard Case, and mine frequently make entertaining noises as they age and the assorted layers separate.   RIght now my tire slaps, slaps, slaps as the slightly separated inch … but I’m hoping for another 500 miles out of it before it’s actually frayed and dangling. 

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