The Colorado Connection

Howdy – at least that’s the greeting I offer to other cyclists on my commute home from work (the ride to work is early enough where I am the only one on the road). I am The Biking Viking from Colorado Springs, Colo., and your host has kindly asked me to contribute to Cyclelicious from the Centennial State.

Cycling has played a major role in my life much more important that reducing my carbon footprint or cutting back on gas consumption. After spending much of my youth on a bike, delivering papers and riding to/from school, I took a break when I was old enough to drive and didn’t come back to cycling until the lifestyle of my 20’s and 30’s caught up to me and demanded I take better care of myself.

Colorado is a great place to be if you spend most of your time on two wheels. Rediscovering the bike has made me a better driver, it has brought my health back from the brink of doom, and is indirectly responsible for a large part of the economic recovery. Well, a very small part, but you get it.

I hope to bring to Cyclelicious my passion for the sport/activity, practical health experiences, and reviews of various cycling products, seeing as how I am always shopping for my next build/bib/bag/bike.

I am not a preacher per se, but a pillager and a plunderer of all things bicycle wherever I find them. Looking forward to sharing it all with you.



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