Tights and riding boots

Seen on the Guadalupe River Trail, San Jose, California. I suspect she probably slipped a skirt on after she arrived at her office.

Riding boots

Earl Blumenauer says “You lack vision and strategy. I’ve heard similar a few times from Paul Dorn as well.

Mapping bollards in Arlington VA.

Cap’n Transit: “Our Expensive Cheap roads” on the expense of pay now or pay later.

Jakarta’s first bike lanes are used by everything but bikes. Via.

Houston, TX discusses bike parking requirements for businesses.

Santa Monica Bicycle Center opens Friday.

Walkscore has a new apartment search function that optimizes your housing hunt based on your work location and transit availability.

Grimy to green, three former trash pits that have cleaned up their acts.

Of personal interest: Does the end of oil mean the ene of economic growth?

Goodbye London Sidewalks.

Lifehacker on winter cycling.

Refinery 29: Bike bells for guys.

Kent’s Chain Lube recommendation.

Bike facilities are good for local business.

“I AM traffic.” Getting out of a ticket and revisiting As Far Right As Practicable.

A witness for cyclists.

Uganda bicycle scam. The government of Uganda paid nearly US$2 million for bicycles from an Indian supplier that were never delivered.

Carbon fiber recycling?

Bicycle powered TV to force kids to exercise.

Loving the Bike: Cyclists are (still) champions.


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