Time to ride your bike

This morning, Lance Armstrong this message to the 2.8 million people who follow him on Twitter: “Gas is nearly 4 bucks a gallon. Time to Ride Your Bike!!

Yes indeed.

$4.239 per gallon

May is “Bike to Work Month” here in California and many other locations around the USA. SF Bay Area transit agencies also promote public transportation this month and on Bike to Work Day (BTWD). Cyclists with bikes ride free on the Alameda / Oakland Ferry on BTWD.

Sarah Halliday is a pro bike groupie who lives in Frances and captures the spectacle and drama of bike races through her paintings.

Interesting idea: a seatpost mounted transverse pannier hanger.

Bike Repair Book giveaway from MAKE and Atomic Zombies.

Environmental Economics: Driving costs money but biking costs time. I left a note commenting that’s why urban planning issues are so closely tied to cycling promotion.

Anybody whose hands have cramped up from constant braking while mountain biking knows the utility of hydraulic bicycle brakes. Now, hydraulic shifters.

Goatheads aka puncture vine travails in Tucson Arizona.

Streetsblog and the WashCycle take the Washington Post to task for their anti-cyclist editorial on Bike Month.

Employees at an Indiana bike shop challenge each other to be car-free for the entire month of May.

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  1. I totally agree. I live relatively close to work and bike in for fun, exercise, and recently because it’s just too dang expensive to drive anymore! I’ll be going to a new town this summer and my priority for finding a place to live is easy bike access to work, the gym and the grocery store. My truck gets 20 miles to the gallon so making this move “smart” can save me up to $80 a week on gas.

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