Reader’s Choice: Your top 10 stories of 2011

Last week, I told you about the bike related news that caught my eye in 2011.

But what, dear reader, tickled your fancy over this past year? Take a look at the pages with the most views since January 1.

10. MapQuest (remember them?) added worldwide bike directions using Open Street Map data last March.

9. A number of people were interested in Levi’s bike commuter jeans.

8. The amazing pedal powered building mounted vertical bike parking system.

7. Four sentences about Missoni bicycles for sale at Target was good enough for number 7.

6. This super simple bicycle repair guide.

5. The Mayor of Vilnius bike lane publicity stunt.

4. My list of links to bicycle computer manuals see a surge in popularity on Fall Back and Spring Forward weekends for Daylight Savings times.

3. This article about the success of London’s “cycle superhighways” was the third most popular story of the year.

2. Most people who find Cyclelicious via a random search land on my collection of bike riding celebrity photos. When they’re looking for specific personalities, they either find Kirsten Gum, Taylor Swift or Heather Graham.

1. This wonky page on the physics of bike balance received the most views, thanks primarily to a “8 Simple Questions” article at, which sent approximately a bazillion people to this humble bike blog.

Thanks for dropping by, and I hope to have more good stuff for you all in 2012.

Other top 10s around the net:

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