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My daily commute looks like today’s Yehuda Moon. Me riding a bike to the office represents one less car jamming up freeways, getting in the way at intersections, and using up a dwindling supply of fossil fuels.

All photos by Richard Masoner.

They say bikes get in the way of traffic. Not a single cyclist is visible here on Ocean Street, Santa Cruz, California, but traffic is at a complete standstill. Note also the scofflaw motorist illegally parked on the sidewalk. ↓

They say bikes get in the way of traffic

San Jose Bike Party passed through Palo Alto last Friday night. Most people (participants and spectators alike) seemed to have a great time, but a few people griped about bikes impeding traffic in the area. Here’s a car impeding other traffic (including Yours Truly on a bike) on University Avenue, Palo Alto, California. ↓

Car impedes traffic on University Ave, Palo Alto CA

Willow Road near Highway 101, Menlo Park, California. ↓

Willow Road morning traffic

Silicon Valley Traffic Hell. ↓

Silicon Valley Traffic Hell

Santa Clara Street, downtown San Jose, California. ↓

Santa Clara Street traffic Panda

I’m playing in traffic in Taipei Taiwan. ↓

Me in Taipei traffic

Filtering to the right of stopped traffic, El Camino Real, Palo Alto, California. ↓

Traffic Panda

Long light in Mountain View, CA. I literally filtered past a half mile of stopped traffic to reach the intersection. Why do traffic lights turn red? I’ll give you a hint: it’s almost never because of bikes. ↓

Waiting for the light

Hamilton Avenue near Bascom. How many arrogant scofflaw cyclists do you see in this photo holding up other traffic? ↓

Hamilton Avenue traffic

See that cyclist on University Avenue Palo Alto below? It’s her fault all those cars are stuck in traffic. Yeah, that’s the ticket. ↓

Cyclist  Palo Alto University Avenue

Willow Road at Middlefield, Menlo Park, CA. Can you see the cyclist in the yellow jacket way back there? You could probably fit a hundred people on bikes in the space taken up by the score of cars visible in this photo. ↓

See the cyclist?



I have several more traffic photos like this, but I think you get the picture.


  1. Someone honked and buzzed me while commuting the other day, just before we reached a light. Usually when that situation comes up and I see their window is open, I just roll up and ask why they thought that was going to help. They told me that they don”t like bikes getting in their way and holding up traffic. The light turned green, turning traffic was still blocking the intersection and typically in the morning it takes 2-4 light cycles to get through this 2-block section anyway. I passed them and kept riding through both intersections as the lights were green but no cars were able to move. They clearly didn’t understand the causes of traffic! 🙂

  2. Great, the driver admitted to deliberately harassing you. He sounds special.

    And you’re right: most people don’t understand the causes of traffic congestion.

    An interesting statistic I saw somewhere: Just the fact that people buy larger cars, trucks and SUVs today vs the 80s means 20% more highway space is required just to accommodate the larger vehicles, without even accounting  for the increased volume of traffic.

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