Recall: Trek District and FX bikes

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission, Health Canada, and Trek Bicycle Corporation announced a recall of 27,000 bicycles today.

Various models of 2012 Trek District and FX were shipped with defective saddle rail clamp bolts. The “hydrogen embrittled” bolts can break unexpectedly. Trek has received four reports of incidents with one injury involving a broken tooth and lip injury.

If you have one of the Trek bikes listed below, examine the bolt that secures the saddle to the seatpost. Good bolts have a ring around the “Y” stamp mark. The stamped ring is missing on defective bolts. Your Trek dealer will replace defective bolts.

    • 7.5 FX including WSD and Disc models
    • 7.4 FX including WSD models
    • 7.3 FX including WSD and Disc models
    • 7.2 FX including WSD models
    • Livestrong FX including WSD models
    • Livestrong District
    • 9th District
    • District

Bicycle Seat Rail Clamp

Trek defective saddle clamp bolts

More details:

H/T Rick, who points out most of those 27,000 bikes aren’t actually in consumer hands yet — they’re sitting in a back room at the Local Bike Shop.

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