Triple amputee on a trike

Travis Prebble “puts people to pedals” by adaptings bikes and trikes for people with physical limitations. He writes about a Catrike recumbent that was modified for a 12 year old missing both legs and a his right hand.

Using prosthetics, the rider will be able to strap into clipped pedals. This will be a step up from the method used with his last bike: duct taping himself to the pedals. He specifically requested that calf supports not be used as they gave away his disability from a distance.

Amputees Across America

Travis writes about equipping the trike so this pre-teen with a single hand can have mobility on the trike.

More at BikeAble: Trike for Triple Amputee.

Photo by Travis Prebble under CC BY NC ND license.

P.S. Does anybody have a place I can crash for Thursday night during Interbike in Las Vegas this week? I’ll help pay for the room.

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