Besides slavishly following the the 2011 Tour de France, I’ve been completely out of the loop over the holiday weekend.

What else is going on in the world of cycling these days? What’s happening in your world with bike races, bike facilities, bike legislation, bike controversies, bike products, or bike related pop culture? How much riding time have your sacrificed since Saturday morning?


  1. Watched the first two stages of the TdF, laughed a little at Roll’s Road ID commercials (super corny), got in 100 miles on the heavy bike, joined a cycling group on Meetup. Never done a group ride before, so this will be a first.

  2. hellyer had their big race event last weekend… it was a blast to watch… i was surprised you weren’t there … way more fun to watch the whole race in person than to watch TDF on tv….

  3. Ah, it’s easy to infer from my post that I spent the weekend holed up in the man cave watching cycling videos. Au contraire, I’ve been outdoors the entire weekend and spending significant time away from Internet access at all. The only updates from the outside world I’ve paid attention to is TdF news.

  4. Isn’t the Tour de France once of those races where they are only on the bike for 5 hours a day? I wish races like RAAM got the coverage they deserved. 🙁

  5. …i don’t think there was enough “cycling” going on in dany heatley’s playoff games, so the san jose sharks traded him to the minnesota wild for martin havlat, who, although he hasn’t posted “heater’s” numbers,  tends to be more of a playoff performer…

    …sorry, fritz – in hockey, a goal scorer will “cycle” or move in circular patterns so as not to be static & yet be ready for that crisp pass which may offer him the advantage of catching the goaltender out of position or at least leaving an opening for a fast goal scoring shot…

    …in the hockey world, it was a big deal this weekend because it was such an unexpected trade…

    …hey…it did involve ‘cycling’, ya ???…

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