Walmart Dutch city bikes

Walmart sells Dutch-style city bikes for order online with free shipping to stores.

Walmart Opa Dutch city bike

Walmart’s Hollandia Opa Citi 28″ Cruiser Bike made of hi ten steel tubing “offers the authentic Amsterdam experience” and features racks front and rear, bell, light, integrated two leg kickstand, chaincase and fenders. This single speed bike comes in a single color in a single size.

28″ tire size is northern Euro speak for ETRTO 622, which we call either 700 or 29 inches in the United States depending on your bike tribe.

You gotta love how “Adult Bikes” are categorized as “Toys” at Walmart.

Update: I see Jonathan @ BikePortland mentions this as well with some additional details.


  1. i suppose the only good thing that can be taken from this is that if it gets more people on a bike and more bums on seats and getting people to rely on there cars less that can only be a good thing.

  2. …now there’s a project, sir fritz…test ride, evaluate & even compare the walmart “dutch city bike” to one of the real deals…

    …be interesting to see how they stack up…it’s obviously the most interesting of the walmart fleet, at least to me…

  3. It’s made by a rubber mattress and adjustable bed manufacturer and sold by a dime store. ┬áIf Serta made an airplane, would you fly in it?

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