Escape tsunami by bike!

An 83 year old woman in Hachinohe hopped on her bicycle and escaped the floodwaters.

Hachinohe is in Aomori Prefecture and about 10 miles from where my parents live.

Meanwhile along the Pacific Coast south of San Francisco, thousands residents fled for higher ground after automated reverse-911 calls informed them of a voluntary evacuation and the closure of Highway 1. Highway 92 became crowded with fleeing residents; the county is using the opportunity to review their disaster response plans.

My son spends part of every Friday near downtown Santa Cruz for a class. Downtown — with the San Lorenzo River just two blocks away and with an elevation only 10 feet above sea level — is inundation central if a large tsunami hits. He told me he already knows to bike or run to high ground at the old Santa Cruz Mission, which is just a half mile from downtown but 90 feet above sea level.

Mr. S in Tokyo comments on his own experience traveling by bike in the aftermath of a major quake.

H/T to 30 Days of Biking.

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  1. I have read it on the blog, too. Anyway, I am glad that the grandmother was able to escape. This disaster is too terrible.

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