25 Compeletely Awesome Cycling Advocacy T-Shirts

Guest Post from Melody Stone in Sacramento.

T-shirts are for making statements and as cyclists we’ve got a lot to say. So I set about collecting the coolest cycling activism t-shirts on the web. Some of these t-shirt designs are simple and with a subtle statement, but I feel they still loudly exclaim the benefits of cycling.

1. 53 Miles Per Burrito by Zero Per Gallon: this list has a lot of references to the fact that bikes don’t require gas to go. This is one of them. Zero Per Gallon was founded in 2005 under the assumption that riding a bike is awesome, “it’s like eating a super-duper delicious burrito every day with guacamole and cheese and sauce on top at the most fabulous taqueria mankind has ever seen, and discovering that it makes your butt look good AND it makes you feel good AND it’s extending your life AND it’s saving you money. Oh, yeah — and it’s also helping solve huge international crises, like healthcare and global warming and energy.”

53 miles on one burrito t-shirt

2. Same Road Same Rights Same Rules by Kleeshirts: This day-glo green shirt isn’t just good for raising awareness about cyclist’s rights, it can also help keep you safe from careless drivers.

same roads, same rights same rules, pass with car

3. One Less Car t-shirt by NYCEwheels: we know less cars ease a lot of problems facing cities these days, wear and tear on infrastructure, lack of parking, air quality. If you’re part of the solution flaunt it and encourage others to get on their two wheeled problem solvers with a One Less Car t-shirt.

one less car t-shirt

4. 3 Feet Please T-Shirt from 3 Feet Please: The 3 Feet Please campaign is an effort to inform drivers of the needed space to give a cyclist. Three feet is the law in some states and others are working to pass similar laws. These shirts can help alter drivers to the need for space as well as show law makers we’re serious about our safety.

5. Put Fun Between Your Legs by ShirtManDude.com: This sassy slogan featuring a vintage looking mountain bike is great for a laugh and to get people thinking about fixing up their bike and going for a ride, because who doesn’t want fun between their legs?

put fun between your legs

6. Start the Revolution Back to Bike by Spreadshirt – Enjoy this good old fashioned piece of propaganda, get back on a bike and show people that change is worth peddling for.

start the revolution, back to bike, red t-shirt

7. Bike Fish T-Shirt from Ban T-Shirts: The description of this t-shirt really says it all, “Cyclists shall inherit the Earth! The time for inefficient and wasteful means of transport has come and gone. Get on your bike, stay healthy and let’s keep our cities quieter and cleaner.”

bicycle t-shirt, fish, cycling advocacy t-shirt

8. SABA, Gutters Are Not Bike Lanes t-shirts from Fibers.com: full disclosure I designed these shirts for the Sacramento Area Cycling Advocates, one of the reasons for teaming up with SABA to design these shirts was I noticed a lack of cycling advocacy tees on the market and after to many close calls with trash can in the bike lanes and inattentive drivers I decided something had to be done. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these tees go directly to making Sacramento a more bike-able city.

SABA t-shirts, gutters are not bike lanes

9. SABA, Bike Vs. Car T-shirt from Fibers.com: Here’s another t-shirt I designed for SABA. What would you choose? The choice seems simple to me.

bike versus car t-shirt, cycling, biking, cycling advocacy, SABA


10. I Bike SF T-Shirt from United Hue – Everyone Hearts New York, we’re tired of hearing about it. If you live, love and bike your city this new take on an old classic t-shirt is a great addition to your t-shirt drawer. I like this design because it’s reminiscent of street lettering, but don’t fret if you don’t live in the city by the bay, here’s an I Bike NY t-shirt from Bicycle Habitat. If you don’t live in New York either, head over to Fibers.com, I designed a I Bike Sacramento t-shirt and it’s customizable, so you can swap out Sacramento for any metropolitan area or village you design, just select the customize this design option.

cycling, SF, bike, I bike SF t-shirti bike NY, New York, bicycling, cycling, t-shirt

11. Sprinter T-Shirt T-Shirt from Real Cyclist by Twin Six – Bright green cotton with a vintage-style winged bicycle, this is a simple and beautiful design which inspires the wearer to fly like the wind on their bike. Not so much an activism t-shirt, but hey, just getting bicycles out there in the collective consciousness is a form of activism, right?

wings, bicycle, art, t-shirt
12. Jesus on a Bicycle T-Shirt from Real Cyclist by Twin Six – In case there was any doubt, this shirt shows that God loves bikes so much he gave one to his son! If people weren’t on board with bikes before seeing Jesus on a bike is sure to convince them to start peddling for salvation.

Bike Jesus t-shirt

13. Infinity MPG T-Shirt from Threadless – this is a Threadless classic originally printed in 2006, and reprinted a number of times. There’s even a song about it.

Infinity MPG

14. Free to Ride T-Shirt from Threadless – The crowd-sourced t-shirt design website is a treasure trove of cycling t-shirts right now. Most Threadless tees are limited print runs meaning you need to pick one up before they run out. Free to Ride is another beautiful designing playing up the financial benefits of getting on a bike.

free to ride, bike, t-shirt, cycling, threadless

15. Missing Bike T-Shirt from Threadless – Bike thieves have to be the lowest form of life. This shirt expresses many a cyclists sentiments upon finding their dear two wheels take out from under them.

missing bike t-shirt, threadless, funny

missing bike t-shirt, threadless, funny, bike thieves


16. Bicycles In Mirror are Closer Than They Appear T-Shirt from Threadless – Probably the single most useful t-shirt in this list, with the words “Don’t Door Me” backwards in huge letters to be easily read in a mirror. Great way to encourage drivers to not try and kill you with the giant metal cyclist-traps they call doors.

threadless, mirror, t-shirt, don't door me

17. Live to Ride, Ride to Live T-Shirt from Threadless – Yet another beautiful Threadless design. Done in a minimalistic, three color style this revolution-y design is great for getting fellow cyclists pumped about promoting cycling – for our future!

cycling t-shirt, ride to live, live to ride


18. Screw You CO2 T-shirt from Redbubble – Simple and to the point, riding your bike is a direct affront on the carbon agenda. Show your protest, get on a bike and tell CO2 to shove it!

funny, bike, t-shirt, co2,

19. I love my Bike T-Shirt from Redbubble – Lots of little bikes making up a heart, super sweet, beautiful t-shirt design, perfect for spreading the bike love.

bike love, heart, i love my bike, t-shirt

20. i ride T-Shirt from Redbubble – In the same vein as the previous shirt, these tiny bicycles make up the words “i ride,” simple and powerful message about how you get around town.

bike t-shirt, i ride

21. Choose Bike T-Shirt from Redbubble – We all make hundreds of little choices every day, this shirt encourages people to think about their transportation choices and choose something sustainable, healthy and fun!

chook bike t-shirt, funny, cycling, bicycle

22. Pump Tires not Gas T-Shirt from Palmer Cash – Biking means not having to stop at a gas station except when you need a little extra air in your tires, this shirt celebrates this freedom from fossil fuel!

pumpe tire not gas t-shirt, funny, bicycle, bike

23. Life is Swell from Endurance Conspiracy – Part of advocating for cycling is about convincing people that cycling is for them, fits into their lifestyle with one a couple minor changes. That’s why i love these shirts from Endurance Conspiracy! If you love surfing in old-timey bathing costumes, why not get to the beach on your bike?

life is swell, yellow t-shirt

24. Wonder-ful Woman from Endurance ConspiracyCycling and women’s rights go hand in hand. You don’t need an invisible plane to fight injustice, just two wheels and a can-do attitude.

Wonderful Woman bike t-shirt, funny, cycling t-shirt,

25. Cycle For Freedom from Fibers.com – This is another design I did as a propaganda piece to encourage people to enjoy the freedom a bike gives. This is inspired by an old Peugeot poster. It’s available on a very comfortable, bamboo tank top, which is perfect for long bike rides.

cycle for freedome tank top


So arm yourself fellow cyclists; arm yourself with funny and awesome t-shirts advocating for better cycling conditions and more people on bikes!


Melody Stone is an avid cyclist, writer and t-shirt designer from Sacramento California. She rides a vintage Schwinn World Tourist, usually in skirts and high heels.



  1. =2= So, can I wear “Same Roads, etc.” on the Interstate?

    =4= Pennsylvania would presumably have a naughtier graphic.

    =7= I did the first ASCII art version of this.  I have this particular shirt, too.

    =9= At Elly/Joe’s http://dinnerandbikes.com/ event, they had a version of this graphic that shifted emphasis from fat-shaming to #bikenomics.

  2. I couldn’t find a picture of it but one of my favorites is the “bike to work, work to eat, eat to live, live to bike” cycle.

  3. Those must be some freaking huge burritos, I only get an estimated 10 miles per burrito from the dollar menu at Taco Bell. Using the same math as I used for the Taco Bell Dollar menu, 53 miles per burrito means there are 1961 Calories in that burrito.

  4.  I always assumed it was based on the Chipotle/Freebirds style burrito. That gets you about 1200 calories, if you include cheese, sour cream, and guacamole.

  5. With regards to #18: riding bikes increases the air’s co2 content. More than a car? I highly doubt it, but certainly enough that riding a bike does not go as far as saying “screw you” to co2.

    The only way to effectively lower the amount of co2 is more trees, less animals.

    Telling people to stop raising animals, to stop having children, and that they must plant trees on their own property, are all non-starters politically, but that’s the only answer.

    Each child increases your co2 production by seven times, so no, this isn’t going to be fixed with LED light bulbs.

  6. You also have to consider the source of the carbon. The carbon emitted from a (typical) car has been stored for ages in fossil fuels. The carbon you exhale was only recently removed from the atmosphere by the plants you eat.

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