A transpo bill even Republicans can’t support

The infamous transportation bill that emerged from the office of House Transportation and Infrastructure Chair John Mica is so horrible that even GOP members of the House won’t vote for it, says Republican Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.

Politicians are feeling the heat from their constituents who protested cuts to programs that encourage more sustainable transportation. Cyclists rallied to save the Safe Routes to School Program. Jamie notes the damage for carless communities in the proposed bill. Angie Schmidt calls H.R. 7 a “bill only Big Oil can love.”. Four New York Republicans introduced an amendment to restore transit funding.

In other news, New York gasoline futures closed at $2.97 last Friday. This is about up from the beginning of the year when gasoline traded at $2.65, and shows a 10 cent jump from the previous week. In California, gasoline sells for an average of $3.80 last week, so we’ll see $4 gas on the West Coast in March, before even the more expensive ‘summer blend’ kicks in after May. John Hofmeister, former CEO of Shell Oil and current chairman of Citizens for Affordable Energy, predicts $5 gasoline this summer in the United States.

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