Ashley Greene walks her bicycle

Actress Ashley Greene walks her bike on the set of “Americana.”

Ashley Greene bicycle during shooting of Americana

Ashley Greene, known to Twilight fans for her portrayal as Alice Cullen, was spotted last week during filming of the pilot to “Americana.”

Celebrity Gossip loves her colorful scarf, black leather jacket, yellow print dress and black leather boots, while I love her marvelous blue Schwinn with its kickstand, chainguard, chromed fenders, rear rack and front basket.

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  1. Sometimes we miss the obvious! I read your post, somehow completely missing the “blue Schwinn” reference until I noticed the blue Schwinn in the photo. How could Richard miss something like that? Upon rereading the post, I got a red mark on my forehead where my hand slapped it. And yes, I repent my momentary lapse in faith in Cyclelicious.

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