Attention SF Bay Area: Rain Monday

Don’t let the gorgeous sunshine and warm weather fool you: We’re supposed to get a little rain on Monday, so strap your fenders on and dig your rain gear out of the closet.

Santa Rosa: Amgen Tour of California 2009

You won’t melt if you get wet, but a little bit of rain gear is helpful. For the light rain we get here in California, I think fenders are the single best thing you can do to stay somewhat dry during a commute. It doesn’t get that cold around here so I’ll wear my normal cycling clothing with a light rainjacket on top, and I’ll bring a spare pair of socks just in case. I’ll change at the office during the winter.

A hat with a brim (or a visored helmet) helps keep water off of your face, and I bring a small towel with me to wipe my eyeglasses so I can see where I’m going.

If you’d like a little more specific advice, check out my cycling in the rain post from 2007. If you need to refresh your raingear to make it water resistant again, read this on Durable Water Repellent Care.


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