The Big Blue Board Bicycle

Larry Banuelo builds these amazing kinetic sculptures with wood in San Jose, California.

Banuelo Art Cycle

I saw Larry last month in Sacramento but was on my way to catch a train so I didn’t get his name then, so I was glad to run into him again at the 2012 Sea Otter Classic in Monterey (again, just as I was leaving, natch).

People bring a wide variety of art bikes and roving sculptures to big bike events like Sea Otter, but Banuelo’s big blue cruiser stops people like almost nothing else. People ran out of their vendor tents to take photos of Banuelo and his bike.

Learn more about Larry Banuelo and his bike at his website. If you ever see him around, tell him hello — he’s very approachable and friendly and likes to talk about his craft and biking in general. Larry started out mountain biking as a youth in Santa Cruz but he’s a road cyclist these days.

San Jose wood bike

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