Barry Bonds rides a Pinarello

Former San Francisco Giants left-fielder Barry Bonds, who once was known for his hitting prowess before he was embroiled in the BALCO steroid scandal, has taken up road cycling in a big way.

Barry Bonds Pinarello bicycle

Bonds dropped in at Interbike last year to gawk at the high end stuff. He recently picked out a $16,500 Pinarello Dogma with Campy Super Record EPS. The bike pictured here is the Shimano model which now available for sale on eBay.

Barry Bonds watched a Giants game this week where he told reporters that he rides about 400 miles a week. Before the Tour of California he had a chance to ride with Team Bissel during one of their training rides. He also plans to watch the Tour de France because “those guys are just amazing. Cycling just gave me a sport outside of baseball I can really beat my body up and really push myself to a limit without hurting my body the way I do on the ground. As an athlete you’re always looking for something on the edge. I like to be on the edge and cycling put me in the hospital a couple times and on the edge, and I like it.”

More (and full size) Barry Bonds cycling photos at A huge thank you to Sean for the quotes from Barry Bonds.


  1. because, you know, associating oneself with cycling is an excellent way to rehabilitate one’s reputation as a steroid user. 

  2. The rest of use cant even take a day off let alone have a hospital take us in from cycling “exhaustion”…the rich…

  3. I immediately wondered where he got helmet to fit his massive head. It’s like Sputnik!

  4. Of course he rides a Pinarello–it’s replaced the Cervelo and the Ferarri-branded Colnago as the weekend warrior cyclist’s DBA (Douchebag Lifestyle Accessory).

  5. Anyone referring to someone else as a douche because of a monetary indulgence they don’t approve of, is themselves the douche.  Go work a little harder and maybe then you can afford to engage in discretionary spending.  Maybe that will help your insecurities.

  6. 400 miles per week, 57-80 miles depending upon whether he rides 5-7 days ? He’s absolutely right that it’s easier on the body than running. But he also needs to realize that walking and jogging will work his core abdominals, so the cycling in and of itself isn’t the perfect one stop shopping for exercise. He’ll need to spend time doing other things. But the transformation from a 2007 pic while still a Giants player. I mean he let himself go and look like a fat old baseball player, now he actually looks like he stands a chance to live longer than his 50-60’s ?

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