Infographic: Bay Area stolen bikes

Joe @ Bike Commute News pointed me to a nifty infographic showing the breakdown of stolen bike Craigslist pleas throughout the Bay Area.

Oakland bike commuter Phillip Yip collected 633 stolen bike postings from last summer, hand collated the data (it was messy, he writes), and created these infographics showing where bikes are stolen in the San Francisco Bay Area by city and by neighborhood.

San Francisco Bay Area stolen bike infographic

In the discussion on his infographics, Yip wonders about the high bike theft numbers in Santa Cruz compared to San Francisco. The city of Santa Cruz and the student population at UC-Santa Cruz total about 80,000 people, which is right at 10% of San Francisco’s population. Per capita, Santa Cruz reported bike thefts are double that of San Francisco, but Santa Cruz has over four times San Francisco’s bike commute mode share (9% in Santa Cruz vs 2% in San Francisco). In absolute numbers, there are still more bikes on the street in San Francisco than in Santa Cruz, but bikes in Santa Cruz are a much more visible presence, which probably equates to more opportunities for thieves.

San Francisco Bay Area stolen bike infographic by neighborhood

You can see Phillip’s discussion and his full size infographics at Where are bikes stolen? Neighborhoods and cities where bikes are reported as being stolen from on Craigslist. A big tip of the hat to Bike Commute News for this.

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  1. Are Craigslist postings more accurate than police reports? How does this graph correlate with the regional popularity of Craigslist?

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