Monday Roundup

Happy first day of October. Bicycle news below.

David Byrne plays bike rack Scrabble.

A Bluetooth remote display for your iPhone. You mount the display and controls on your bicycle handlebar while keeping your pricey Apple produce someplace safe.

A bicycle powered recyclables seperators for trash scavengers.

Interview with Nan Eastep of B. Spoke Tailor in Oakland.

Lady Fleur digs deeper into those Census numbers on bike commuting.

Xander’s Crossing: One Square Mile on the new bike bridge over Blossom Hill Road in San Jose.

Popular Science: how to break bike locks with freeze spray.

Bicycle Blog Link Love

Shout outs to:

* Steve with the background in particle physics.

* Streetsblog.

* Biking In LA.

* Copenhagen Cycle Chic.

* Rag Tag.

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  1. …the bluetooth remote is an absolutely sensible concept…the idea of mounting ones i-phone to a pair of handlebars wherein 98% of the devices capacity is utilized for something other than cycling has always seemed nonsensical to me…

    …leaving a sensitive electronic device other than a proprietary gps unit or a bicycle computer designed to sit out in the elements & take the physical abuse transmitted up through a frame & bars & which has the opportunity of being in a crash has never make sense to me…

    …i applaud somebody’s effort…

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