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I’m home with bronchitis, so I’ll just throw out a list of links for the day. But first, a reminder: 7th Annual Supermarket Street Sweep this Saturday in San Francisco, rain or shine!

Autumn leaves Panda Portrait

I’ve recently discovered Hum Of the City. In the summer of 2011, Dorie Apollonio and her family visited Copenhagen and discovered the joy of biking. They bought bikes for the whole family soon after their return home to San Francisco. The family pretty quickly discovered that cycling in San Francisco differs from Copenhagen. She focuses on the joys and challenges of cycling as a family.

I’ve mentioned Mari Lynch and her Bicycling Monterey before, but it’s time for another mention since they’re talking about a bike share down there.

Chicago bike lawyer Brendan K explains why you might still win the case if a car driver hits you at night even if you’re not lit up like a Christmas tree.

Social media recommends

Five Toed Sloth is a lazy, good for nothing stay-at-home-dad who does silly things like use a bicycle for transportation and take pictures with an old film camera.

Winnipeg Cycle Chick got introduced to cycling through participation in triathlons.

Zanders Flanders moved to Belgium from New Zealand to race cross.

One Speed Go is a bike commuter in Phoenix, Arizona.

26 inch slicks.

Gypsy by trade – “Ridin’ bikes and travelin’ light”

Chris Pondero – Reflections on the bicycle, living, and spiritual matters from Sanger, Texas.

MTB 4 Her.

Change Your Life Ride A Bike.

Thank you to everybody who provided suggested at Google Plus.


Bicycle Santa Cruz Wharf

This Spanish language post on the rules of using bike trailers in Spain illustrated their post with a photo I shot on the Santa Cruz wharf. Apparently, it’s illegal to transport children in bike trailers in Spain!

Meli writes about bikes in advertising in Bikes and the City.

I’ve choked down a handful of antibiotics, so let’s see if I’m well enough to make it up to San Francisco this weekend. Salud!


  1. Don’t forget to gargle with salt water … and the odd shot of whiskey might be medicinal…

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