Commuters and doping

My friend Ted in Los Angeles tweeted:

No bike commuter has ever been charged with doping. I'm just saying.

So I pointed him to news stories where cyclists are charged with possession of various “performance enhancing” substances in Napa, California; Anoka, Minnesota; Menlo Park, California; Rome, Georgia. Cyclists have been caught smuggling cocaine and other controlled substances inside of their bikes.

A Eureka, California cyclist “who appeared suspicious” attempted to evade police on his bicycle. Police often take advantage of rarely enforced bicycle equipment or helmet laws as a pretext for a stop and search.

Smelly bike hippies like you and I are no more or less virtuous than sports heroes like George Hincapie, who publicly admitted to the use of performance enhancing drugs prior to 2006. I’m just saying.


  1. Re: marijuana use – a Canadian snowboarder famously tested positive for it, but kept his Olympic medal, since it’s not a “performance enhancing” drug. IMO, an athlete on THC should get bonus points for any sport that requires quick reflexes.

  2. …now, i haven’t laid a lip on anything combustible in 27 years, 4 months & 3 weeks but hey, who’s counting, ya ???…anyway, as a former stoner, i once considered riding whilst stoned a performance of elegant form & muscular endurance & the stately herb, to my mind, definitely “enhanced” all that…

    …but i realize it’s all very subjective…

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