Bicycle jobs 2/21/12

With gas over $4/gallon in California again, maybe we’ll see more bicycle jobs this year?

Wheel Kids Bicycle Club seeks coaches for child day camps in San Francisco.

Project Coordinator for the Climate Protection Campaign in Sonoma County, California.

Global Marketing Manager for a bike manufacturer in Bethel, CT.

Bicycle Tire Product Marketing Manager in Morgan Hill, CA (Specialized?)

Training Peaks in Lafayette, CO seeks web designer.

XLAB Brand in Escondido, CA seeks operations assitant and sales help.

Bike Messengers in San Francisco.

Bike Delivery for Pinkberry in New York City.

Airport Bike Patrol in Las Vegas, NV.

Segway Tour Guide in San Antonio; tasks include bike rental marketing.

Champion Courier in Midtown, New York City seeks bike messenger.

Bike Tour Guides Midtown New York City.

Where to Bike Cycling Guidebooks sales agents for Los Angeles and Orange County.

SmartEtailing in Boulder, Co wants a bike nerd who can write. I know some of the people involved with this; it’s a good place to work.

Rickshaw driver for City Bakery in New York City.

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