2012: The year in bicycle music

We all have our favorite bicycle songs, and 2012 has been an especially fruitful with at least eleven new songs that feature bikes in their music videos. I know of five that came from the San Francisco Bay Area.

Before the New Year began last December, the music video for David Guelta’s “Titanium” features a child with superpowers trying to escape the authorities on an old 10 speed bicycle.

In February 2012, San Francisco based Sons of Science released their profane and insanely hilarious “M***** F***** Bike.” I won’t link to the video but it’s easy enough to find on YouTube.

In March, the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition published “The Cycle Beat” music video with local Latin-Indian singer Giju John and featuring teen singer Rebecca Dharmapalan from Oakland, local rapper Jaz Mueller, DJ Mixman Shawn, and new media producer Veronica Belmont riding her bicycle.

In April, San Francisco musicians Tim and Nicki Bluhm took the lane on their tandem bike along the Embarcadero and other streets for their “Stick With Me” music video.

Irish folk singer Luka Bloom, long a favorite among bike activists, published his self-produced music video for “The Ride”.

On the final day of April, San Francisco’s quirky melodic rock / pop group “The Real Numbers” released “Do the Wiggle,” a PSA showing San Francisco cyclists how to minimize the hills between Market Street and Golden Gate Park.

Oakland Hip Hop performer McSlappy published “I’m in Oakland and I’m Riding My Bike” in May.

Musical genius Andrew Huang and Side Pony Nation of Toronto released their catchy “Ma Bicyclette” in June 2012. I love the bike bell sampling Andrew did for this song.

The Tamil movie industry released “Paagan” in September. “Paagan” is apparenty the Tamil word for an elephant caretaker. South Asian mahouts bond to their elephants through life from childhood. In the same way, this film shows a boy’s love for his bike as it accompanies him through his many misadventures. Tamil pop singer Thathi Thavi’s music video from the movie shows all of the cool bike scenes.

Nora and One Left in Washington DC released a video for “Big Red Bicycle Christmas” in time for the holiday season.

Finally, Skylar Grey released her video for “C’mon Let Me Ride” featuring Eminem riding a bicycle. Again, I’ll let you Google for that song.

Five of the eleven songs featured here come from the San Francisco Bay Area. That’s likely because I’m in the area and I know what’s going on. What local artists in your area released a bike music video in 2012? Which of these are your favorites?

Tip of the hat to Carlton and Byron for help with research on this.

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