Cycling in San Diego

Cute video promotes cycling as a fun, safe and sensible activity and means of transportation in San Diego, California.

My brother lives east of National City and often bike commutes on his LeMond titanium road bike the 15 miles to his job near San Diego International Airport. The downhill from his home is fast and fun. The return trip is slow and sweaty.

Via Ron Richings who harrumphed that cycling can’t possibly be that nice in San Diego given the lack of bicycle facilities there.

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  1. Hey Richard
    Having spent several weeks cycling in San Diego in the last few years I know something about the place.  For an experienced rider parts of it can be fine.  Some locations are terrible.   Despite having the enormous advantage of year round good weather, the city has a cycling mode share of only about 1%, according to Wikipedia.For the general population the experience could be so much better and attract far more riders with better infrastructure.If the video is a sign that things are changing for the better – great!But just making a happy video about cycling there is unlikely to change the mode share much.  That was really my point.Ron

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