Bicycle wheel building jobs and more


Merry (almost) Christmas Cycleicious community!

Not too many bicycle jobs popped up this week, but there are a few that’ll let you get your hands dirty.

Wheel Building Jobs:

Other Gigs:

  • Giant Nerd bills itself as a “cutting edge social commerce outdoor retailer.” They are in need of a Bicycle Mechanic and Assembler (Boulder, CO).
  • Cycles of Change, an East Bay non-profit collective, is hiring a part-time Educator/Coordinator to bolster its community safety programs. The same position is being advertised on Idealist (Alameda, CA).
  • The Sunshine State is looking for a Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator (Bartow, FL).
  • The City of Fort Collins is also seeking a Bicycle Program Manager (Fort Collins, CO).
  • This looks pretty interesting: an unnamed company that does marketing for the nation’s largest bicycle brands is looking for an Administrative Assistant (Denver, CO).
  • …and in that same vein, Harvest Retail Marketing focuses on creating marketing tools for bicycle dealers. They need an excellent Marketing Account Manager (Omaha, NE).

Thanks for looking and good luck! Feel free to comment, or connect with me on LinkedIn or via email.





  1. Building wheels is fun and easy! I just loaded up Sheldon’s guide the first time, and within a few hours had a very well put together wheel. I’ve since done it a few more times and the process has gotten faster and easier. Definitely worth trying it, for the budget conscious cyclist.

  2. FYI, not sure if it’s just me, but the comments box is wider than the page allows on this site, so a word on every line is not visible and it doesn’t scroll.

  3. I agree on the wheel building process being pretty accessible. When I started out, I used a combination of Sheldon Brown and two texts: The Bicycle Wheel by Jobst Brandt and the Barnett’s series of manuals. I think having multiple texts is important for understanding how to explain the procedure to novices. Even though I’ve built hundreds of wheel, I still come back to these resources for tips and clarifications. And also, the comments seem to look correct from my end at this point. I believe Richard’s fix has corrected the problem.

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