New, improved PostPump from BioLogic

BioLogic has updated their seatpost air pump.

BioLogic Post Pump 2.0

BioLogic announced their PostPump 2.0, an update of their combination bicycle seatpost and high capacity floor pump. The new design improves ease of use and performance compared to the original, winning a 2012 Red Dot product design award.

The PostPump 2.0 has a much higher capacity compared to standard hand pumps, enabling full inflation with fewer strokes. With a flip out foot stand and inflation tube it works like a floor pump, allowing you to push down with your body. Because the pump is hidden in the seatpost, it’s always there when you need it. BioLogic claims 100 PSI capacity with this 718 gram seatpost. Flip to fit Presta / Schraeder valve works on any common bicycle tire tube.

Although the PostPump 2.0 is available as an aftermarket item, application is limited with its extra large 33.9 mm seatpost diameter. The PostPump comes standard on several models of bikes from Tern Bicycles. 33.9 mm will also fit on other folders such as Dahon.

Product information at Think Biologic.


  1. Why not design it for 27.2 first? Seems to be an odd decision to design it for the <1% of bikes out there first instead.

  2. Ah I see. It’s one of those products that doesn’t seem to have a market. People will either carry smaller pumps to do it themselves, or bring it to a shop to have someone else do it. I can’t picture someone that is willing to use a pump also willing to schlep this around.

  3. I bought a Dahon bike and it had the extra large seat post with the biologic pump. I HATED the larger seatpost as I couldn’t use any of my quick release equimment. Also the pump broke because it keep sliding out the bottom of the seat tube (I have never used it anyway, as I have used CO2 cartridges for years and as Andy stays, if people carry pumps, they are the smaller sizes). Completely worthless, unnecessary invention.

  4. Small pumps take a ton of effort to get even 60 psi, If you deflate the tores to get it in a small suitcase to fly it’s nice to be able to fully pump them up in a city you don’t know well with out having to carry a floor pump..

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