A carbon fiber kickstand

The “Upstand” is a carbon fiber kickstand for your road bike that you carry in your jersey pocket.

Upstand bicycle kickstand

This little kickstand is a pair of carbon fiber tubes connected with shock cord which collapses for storage like a tent pole. Extend and connect to your rear skewer with a rare earth magnet, which latches to a metal plate that’s installed under the non-drive-side QR skewer.

$39 includes shipping. Online ordering direct from Chapel Hill, NC at UpstandBicycle.com.


  1. Do products that install by clamping under the rear QR work for other people? I don’t want to clamp anything under my QR! I’m already strong (aka: heavy) enough that I have to tighten the hell out of it to keep from pulling the drive-side of the wheel forward when I apply peak force.

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