Dr. Catherine Baucom rides a bicycle

A surgeon stuck in traffic commandeered a child’s bike so she could get to the operating room.

Early Wednesday morning, a serious traffic accident involving a tanker truck carrying inflammable material forced police to close I-10 in the heart of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Catherine Baucman surgeon on a bicycle

Cancer surgeon Catherine Baucom had to get to the operating room, so she stopped at a friend’s house and asked to borrow a bike. The six foot tall Baucom hopped on the bike of the friend’s seven-year-old daughter along with a princess helmet and biked to her appointment at the BRASS Surgery Center near Our Lady of the Lake Medical Center just blocks from the Interstate traffic jam.

WLOX.com – The News for South Mississippi

More at WLOX –> Surgeon rides child’s bike to get through traffic nightmare for surgery. H/T to Al Scher.


  1. That makes my knees hurt just looking at the photo. I saw a woman the other day riding a similar-size bike, and I wondered how she managed to go 50 feet without wincing.

  2. Uh, no. Riding a bike in this part of Baton Rouge is suicide, except during a disaster like this when the cars aren’t moving at all. (I grew up a few miles from the hospital and my parents still live there)

  3. I agree. I can’t imagine the bike is faster than walking, especially since Baton Rouge is pancake flat so there are no hills to coast down.

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