Get out, take photos, benefit your favorite outdoor charity

CLIF Bar 2nd Annual “Meet the Moment” Program.

Post photos of your adventure, get money to your favorite outdoor non-profit in a CLIF Bar promotion.

CLIF Bar will donate $10,000 to five nonprofits dedicated to preserving the outdoors. You vote for the non-profit to receive funding by adding your photos to CLIF’s Meet the MOment website.

When you add a photo to the website, you can choose to direct a $5 donation to the Access Fund, International Mountain Bicycling Association, Leave No Trace, Surfrider Foundation or Winter Wildlands Alliance. Then, for each Moment shared on the site using Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest, an additional $1 will be donated to the designated nonprofit. Facebook “Likes” will also generate a $1 donation.

Not only that, you can have a chance to win a year’s supply of CLIF bars and $10,000 donated to the non-profit of your choice. A winner will be selected on October 31, 2012 from among the top 25 shared and “liked” photos.

More –> CLIF Bar Meet the Moment.

I am an addict

CLIF hopes widespread sharing of these photos on social media sites can help to encourage awareness of the activities of these non-profits, and perhaps even encourage you and your friends to get off of your lazy backsides to get out there and “meet the moment.” We often blame the the bike industry for their failure to market to the big blue ocean of “non-enthusiasts,” but whose fault is it really? Arleigh the Bike Shop Girl encourages you to be the change and be a positive influence for cycling in your community.

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