Colorado Bike Winter Challenge

Your challenge as a cyclist from now through March 31 — commute by bike at least 52 times. If you succeed, you may attend the Icy Bike Gala.

Icy Bike Winter Commuting Challenge from ChainRing Films on Vimeo.

The people involved mostly seem to be along the Colorado Front Range, which will easily have at least 52 snow-free days over the next four months. You already own ski gloves, wool socks, and a hat to keep you warm, and lights are available if you don’t already own them.

Biking through snow is doable with whatever bike you own, but studded bike tires make life and the ride much less challenging.

The organizers tell me this challenge is open to anybody. I used to live in Boulder County, but consider winter cycling where I live now in California a little more challenging not so much because of the cold, but because our monsoon season begins soon. I prefer dry and cold over cool and wet any day of the week.

If you’re up for the challenge, join the Facebook page, gear up and go!

Remember also that the city of Fort Collins has their winter Bike To Work Day on Wednesday, December 14, 2012. Boulder’s B-Cycle bike share is even open through the winter. I don’t have the schedule for Boulder, but they usually do their Winter Bike to Work Day sometime after the New Year.

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