C.W. Nevius rides a bicycle?

San Francisco Chronicle columnist C.W. Nevius writes from the windshield perspective and is often accused of an anti-bike bias.

Bay Area cycling advocates have learned to season Nevius’s reporting with several grains of salty skepticism, but occasionally his articles see distribution in the wider world of bike activism outside of the San Francisco area.

So I was shocked — shocked! I tell ya — to read that he seems to know how to get around San Francisco on a bike as he wrote about last weekend’s transportation options. Over one million people visited San Francisco on Saturday to view and take part in several large events. He gave his readers a preview of what to expect over the jam packed weekend.

On Friday we decided to make a test run, staging a race between intrepid Chronicle reporter Neal Riley, who took public transportation, and me riding a bike. Driving wasn’t even an option.

Even in the early afternoon, traffic was bumper to bumper and I was passing cars like they were standing still. And in many cases they were. On Friday they hadn’t closed the right lane to bicycle traffic, but based on what I saw without it, driving a car to the Marina over the weekend will be a car-tastrophe.

Read more in the Chronicle: Bike or bus, which is weekend’s fastest?

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  1. Ever since Eric Cantor can rode a bike (for show), I’ve stopped being surprised when anti-cycling blowhards suddenly appear on bikes. I think these people are less anti-bike than they are against the sanctimoniousness they imagine is in the minds of most cyclists. (You see, they think they are reading our minds.)

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