Hit & run vs bike caught on dashcam

A Good Samaritan with a dashcam catches an SUV driver turning right on red and hitting a girl on a bike. The SUV driver runs, and Good Sam gives chase, catches him at the next block and tells the driver that he’s been caught on camera.

The SUV driver turns back and exchanges info with the cyclist.

Leaving the scene of a property damage traffic accident without exchanging information is a misdemeanor hit and run in California. I think this video was shot in or near Los Angeles somewhere.


  1. There is NO excuse for hit and run. You stay and we can argue the details of hitting a wrong-way sidewalk cyclist, but leaving raises the bar. And H&R should be a felony. Regardless of the circumstances, though running after hitting a kid seems even worse than running after hitting Richard or me. At least in this case it might only be equivalent to assault rather than attempted murder. Thank God most people also see it as wrong – like the Good Samaritan that put his life in danger – who could know what scum might be in the SUV?

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