Delightfully Tacky rides a bicycle

Tacoma style blogger “Delightfully Tacky” says she likes her black fixed gear bike to get around.

Delightfully Tacky on her fixed gear bike

She has experimented with cute, more-fashion-friendly bikes like the blue beach cruiser and the vintage Univega mixte, but “My fixie has been my favorite to ride, and so it’s become my only bike. It’s very lightweight, has a good gear ratio, and I really like the drops, which make it much easier to ride uphill, which is pretty frequent in this town. It’s definitely not as fashion friendly, but I only find that really short or tight skirts are the limiting factor.”

The photos are from a “Cycle & Style” shoot for Momentum Magazine. You can find the complete photoset here. Via CycleStyle in Melbourne, Austrlia.

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