SF Peninsula: $40 to bike to work

The San Mateo County (California) Peninsula Traffic Congestion Relief Alliance will give you a $40 gift certificate from a local bike shop or $40 credit toward Peninsula transit (BART, Caltrain, or SamTrans) if you take transit or bike to work at least eight times by June 1 and complete a survey afterwards. You also have a chance at a Grand Prize of a folding bicycle or $250 transit incentive.

You must pledge by May 14, 2012 and take your ‘alternative’ transportation by June 1, 2012. Your survey submission afterwards will get you your $40 incentive and entry for the prize.

For more information and to submit your pledge, visit Commute.org.

Drive Less Challenge

Attention Peninsula and South Bay residents and commuters: Don’t forget the Drive Less Challenge that began on Earth Day, April 22, 2012. This friendly social challenge encourages people to drive less in the Bay Area by walking, biking, riding public transportation, or carpooling to work.

Since the Drive Less Challenge began in 2009 in Menlo Park, several other Bay Area cities have joined the challenge, including East Palo Alto, Burlingame, Foster City, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, San Carlos, and Los Altos Hills. You can also join a user-created “Group” — your employer, for example, or your school or bike club. (Brag: My employer has among the most participants at this writing.

Create an account, find a team to join if you can, then log your miles to the website to win prizes. Start here to begin your Drive Less Challenge.


  1. “SF Peninsula: $40 to bike to work” Your headline made me think somehow that’s how much it cost. The story is much happier! 

  2. Of the 9 Bay Area Counties, it looks like Santa Clara has the least in terms of monetary incentives to encourage non-Single-User-Vehicle travel.

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