George W Bush still rides a bike

20 wounded servicemen and women join 65-year-old George W. Bush for a 3 day, 100 km mountain bike ride through Palo Duro Canyon south of Amarillo Texas.

George W Bush Mountain bike Palo Duro Canyon

The former president led these Wounded Warriors and 50 others — journalists, secret service, sponsor guests — through 13 miles of trails on what one marathon running journalist described as a “two-hour 50-minute ordeal complete with skinned legs and elbows and sore ribs.”

The riding continues today and Saturday on this Bush Center Warrior 100K Ride.

When I attended college in Texas I used to camp and hike around Palo Duro Canyon State Park — including one memorable visit where my then-girlfriend (now wife) and I were trapped at the campsite when flooding washed out the road. I know it’s a popular mountain bike destination these days. If you haven’t been it’s well worth the visit.

H/T to Bike Hugger. Photo from the Warrior 100K Ride photo album.


  1. Is “reasonably skilled mountain biker” on the list of necessary qualifications for his Secret Service contingent?

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