1. Rode Southbound on GLT last night from the Airport to Hedding – still open as of 16 hours ago…..

  2. Yeah, it’s all still open. I don’t know if you saw the schedule or not, but the plan is to do it in phases. 880 to Trimble is the first phase and will be closed for up to 3 months. The contractor might do that first little section at the very north end of the airport (next to the power substation) first and then open it up so cyclists can get from the GRT to Airport Blvd.

    I also noticed that shortcut behind Target got fenced off ­čÖü

  3. I believe the contractor is going to allow people to use the trail most of the time unless they are specifically doing paving work that requires otherwise.  The trail is technically closed right now but other than a few signs, nothing prevents you from  using it.

  4. The section by Target is closed while they do work that will eventually lead to an at-grade crossing over the railroad and Autumn Street will go through. ┬áSince the detour for the east side of the river is not needed, I don’t think it will hold many consequences for bike riders.

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