Persecution Complex

I was invited to participate in a Huffington Post live discussion tonight about bike commuting. I can’t be there (other obligations), but you can watch and join in with comments if you’d like. You’ll should see some familiar names there.

HuffPo tells me they plan to discuss “current trends in cyclingand “drivers who hate cyclists” in a HuffPo Live segment they’re billing “Street Wars” hosted by Los Angeles bike commuter Janet Varney. These haters are out there and I know I sometimes mention them on these pages, but I’m not a big fan of defining myself by who hates me. Maybe it’s just me, but that screams “victim mentality” to me.

HuffPo says “There’s a daily battle on city streets between drivers, bike riders and pedestrians” and asks, “Why Can’t Bicyclists And Drivers Get Along?” Well, in my experience, I think we mostly do get along. There are occasional instances of inattention, stupidity and even road rage, but by and large it’s all just traffic. The worst we get is the occasional friendly wave, and even that is pretty rare.

The Finger: Car vs cyclist

I think some of the people who plan to participate also prefer to present bike commuting as a positive activity. I wish I could be there. You can join in at HuffPost Live beginning at 6:25 PM tonight.

Photo courtesy Richard Battles and used with his permission. Check out Richard’s motorcycle luggage Facebook page for the story on what’s happening in this photo.


  1. Sounds like a “BS Fest” to me. Mostly cyclists and motorists DO get along. Despite propaganda to the contrary…

  2. Yep, sounds like yet another inflammatory media event. From their promo: “Why Can’t Bicyclists And Drivers Get Along? There’s a daily battle on city streets between drivers, bike riders and pedestrians. For everyone’s sake, we need to rethink our rules of the road.”

    Here’s my version: “Why Does the Media Keep Fanning the Anti-Bike Flames? There’s a daily flame war between drivers, bike riders and pedestrians in the comments section of bike-related news stories. For everyone’s sake, we need to ask why the media is encouraging angry, divisive discussions.”

    I’m not up for defending my right to transport myself in a pleasant, safe non-motorized way when they set the discussion up as a street war.

  3. i would also throw in pedestrians into the equations, I understand not every city has a thick pedestrian per block capita, but in a city in SF for the most part all equations are at least highly aware of each other. However the respect can always be polished and one that needs that is to respect pedestrians. it is SO EASY to hate each in a quick second.

    I consider myself a not-hater of any 3 equations (pedestrians, vehicles, bicycles) but standing on the corner to cross, headed to the bus stop, an urban-commute epitome happened. Alongside 2 other peds began to cross the street on a 4way stop, van making a right turn stops before crosswalk for us to cross walking, young cyclist is flying through coming from behind the van, flips off van, yells the expected ‘F-U’ and in 3 seconds everyone hates each other.
    Good morning San Francisco.

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