3 foot law for Indiana?

Indiana Senator John Broden (D – South Bend) plans to introduce SB 101, which changes the definition of “bicycle” in Indiana’s vehicle code, adds a requirement for a minimum 3 foot passing clearance, and allows drivers passing cyclist to pass in a no passing zone when it’s safe to do so.

More about this at attorney Doug Masson’s blog. Thank you to David Pulliam for the tip.


  1. I’d like to see some research on the effects of the 3-feet passing rule. Has it led to safer passes? Reduced injuries? I don’t want to remove such a law, but I’d like to know about its effects (if any). Maybe there’s another area where advocates and politicians can focus their attention. 

  2. The second part of the law is the part I like (allows passing over the double yellow when safe). That make safe passing actually legal.

  3. I have met some really neat people through the comments, I certainly want to encourage more me to comment. Thanks for the tips!

  4. It looks like this change went into effect 7/1/2012. It would appear to be “on the books”.

  5. @ Richard. It was the only relevant result on a google search. Odd that there are only 5 comments before this one; yours, my first and the three in January. Plus this blog, http://www.bikingbis.com/2012/04/01/20-states-require-motorists-give-3-feet-or-more-when-passing-cyclists/, with a 9/28/2012 update on CA, did not include IN, so I was wondering. I am an instructor with CyclingSavvy.org in the Chicago area. The 3 foot passing clearance law is a significant step in allowing cyclists to exercise their rights as equal road users. On roads narrower than 14 feet wide, which are too narrow to share side by side with a motor vehicle, you get three feet clearance by taking the defensive driving lane position of just left of the center of the lane. Overtaking motorists see you earlier and get the message that they need to make a full lane change.

  6. Since I haven’t seen it mentioned elsewhere on this blog, I will mention it here. Dallas, TX recently passed a “safe passing” ordinance but instead of an arbitrary 3 feet, they define safe passing as completely vacating the lane. AKA, Change Lanes to Pass.

  7. “only relevant result on google search” – ah, okay. I guess I should update the post with more useful information. Thanks for letting me know. Happy New Year to you.

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